87 yz490 flywheel weight

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a flywheel weight for an 87 yz 490. MonkeyButt still lists them on their website but they do not actually have them - tried that already.

Have you tried Bikebandit? If you can't find it in the lists, hook up with the live chat and one of the reps can tell you yea or nea. Good luck!

thanks - I will try that

I have also been looking for a extra heavy flywheel. bike bandit doesn't have it either because they are out of production. Does anyone have one on their 490yz? If you do, what company made it?

Thank you


I had three YZ490s; a 1986, a 1988, and a 1990. All the engines were identical. I hare scrambled all three of them, and never needed a heavy flywheel. Install a rear sprocket one tooth smaller than stock, have the Yamaha Wrench Report carb mods and head mod done, and it will be smooth as glass.

I have had this bike since 1989 and agree that a flywheel isn’t needed to ride Hair scrambles. I have it geared down but I am now riding in tight woods at lower speeds. I hope the added flywheel weight will reduce the need to ride the clutch as much or lose top end by gearing it down even more.

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