Fuel Capacity - How far/long can I go?

Howdy - I have a 2006 CR 125R w/ the stock tank. I'll be in Moab & completing some longer trails (hell's revenge & golden spike).

If I'm mostly in 1st and 2nd gear, how many hours (or miles) will the fuel last?

Are there any "bottles" made to vel-cro to the handlebars to carry a liter or so of extra fuel?


Acerbis makes an auxilliary fuel tank that looks like a number plate. I've never used one, so I can't comment on it.


my cr250 will do just over 2hrs racing with a clarke 11.7 litre tank, at the 2 hr point i throw in another 5 litres, be interesting to hear how bad the 2 smokes drink fuel as my friends on 4 strokes go a lot further, i also race tighter more wooded stuff in the Uk though not atm as funds wont stretch with new house and nuther kiddy on way.

go to general and search for, ways to carry extra fuel. THeres alot there

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