should i get an 07 wr?

i would like to hear some opinions: should i trade my 04 wr250, which i have recently dumped about 2 grand into and has no more than 1500 miles, for a used stock 07 wr250 with no more than 500 miles?

The '07 is technologically a "better" bike, but if you like your '04 and money is an issue (or you wouldn't be mentioning it), why trade it?

sounds like a good deal to me, i don't know what you have done to your 04 but those 07's are nice, super light and nimble. stock exels, wave rotors... it come with some really nice stuff.

i just got a stabilizer for my bike becuase the front end has this wierd "twitchy" feel to it, or it feels unstable and unpredictable through turns and bumps. does the 07 have the same problem? i know the 07 feels much more stable overall becuase ive ridden it, but i havent ridden it enough to know exactly how it feels. i havent opened the stabilizer yet, so if i do get the 07 i can return it. if the 07 turns much better, that could save me alot of money because i probably wont have to buy a stabilizer for it

I am surprised to hear that you have front end handling issues with your 04'. I have an 03' which is basically the same bike with a few tweaks and I found it to be one of the most neutral bikes I have ever ridden. I mean honda accord/toyota camry turning predictibility. What tire are you running? Also, check to make sure your forks are equally positioned (fork height) in the tripple clamps and make sure the axle is straight on with the forks. Loosen up your axle bolts, hold the brake, push up/down on your forks and then tighten to the correct spec. (Sorry if you already know/have tried this).

I plan on buying an 07' too if I can find one this late in the season. It just seems to be really well thought out and when I sit on them, they feel even better than my 03', which feels pretty good for a 260+ lb 4-stroke.

I have an o6 wr (steel frame) and have also found that the bike dosn't turn well at all .... I have tried different tires, fork springs, oil heights and different sag and i can either get the front to stick and making the back loose... or get the back to stick and the front loose.... but I have found that if i get the front to grab and i sit unusually far back on the seat to corner then it isn't that bad .... it just takes some getting used to

I've had an '07 WR250 for about six months now, and can tell you that it handles like a "dream" For the mostly single-track riding I do here in Florida, it is simply awesome. It definitely turns easier than my buddy's '07 WR450, and of course, feels much lighter. The 250 has great low to mid-range power, and will also rev out forever. My opinion is based on over 35 years of MX, hare scrambles, and general off-road riding. The '07 WR250 is simply an amazing machine. Plus, the '08 WR250 is basically identical, which tells me that Yamaha didn't think there was much that needed to be changed (or they didn't want to spend any money upgrading it, but I don't believe that was an option). Good luck which ever way you decide to go.

Ah get the better bike....honda250x you won't have problems with handling or starting ever again.......Bike magazines will tell you the same...the honda is a better overall bike...unless you race...then its a diffrent equation.......Just being cocky cause i have a 250x....And love everything about it...Drove other bikes and still like the honda the best....especially for handling....

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