Decent aftermarket kickstand for DRZ400E?

I've seen the threads bashing the TT/ProMoto Billet stands in this forum, but even so I would consider buying one if I could find it in the TT store. As far as I can tell, it's not available in there anymore.

Does anyone know of any other aftermarket stands that are made for the DRZ? I know Moose, MSR, and Trail Tech all make good quality stands but they don't seem to have an application for the DRZ.

Anyone find a good stand out there?

None that I'm aware of. Right now you could only buy one of the generic type that clamp to the swing arm of any bike.

There was/is supposed to be an update regarding the ProMoto/TT Billet kickstand regarding the people whose kickstand broke (not certain they have any intention of coming out with an improved version or not). My PMB/TT kickstand has not suffered any cracks (yet) but I only use mine when I am actually out riding and want to stop. When it's sitting at home the DRZ is sitting on a lift.

Is the ProMoto/TT stand still available?

Not from TTShop currently. You could contact ProMoto directly and see if they have any left but they might not sell it even if they do have some due to the breakage claims. (P.S. I ordered mine directly from ProMoto about a week before TTShop had them).

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