I'm a DAD!!!

My son Isaac was born this morning at 4.45, :thumbsup:

weight 4lbs 9oz. He is 8 weeks early but mum and baby are doing great.

He'll be in an incubator for a bit to monitor him but he's a good colour and his vitals look strong.

A future rugby back row forward if I'm not mistaken!!!

My card's behind the bar!!!


Congrads on being a Dad!!

Wtg Dad!

Congratulations Fenty. Hope all goes well.

congrats.....I'll lift a pint.........

CONGRaTULATIONS! start saving for his new dirt bike.


Wow! Awesome!

Best wishes for the health of your baby and his mom.:thumbsup:

Congrats! :thumbsup: My first is due in Dec :thumbsup:

Wow! Awesome!

Best wishes for the health of your baby and his mom.:thumbsup:

I double that... but there goes your new bike dream for awhile... unless it is for Junior...:cheers::thumbsup::busted:

Thanks for all the regards guys,

Thankfully I got my new (to me) XR650R about a month ago....:thumbsup:

Now I just won't have the time to ride it...:thumbsup:

congratulations. you will get through this as it's on a minor obstacle. my son was 2 lbs 12 ozs when born and he was in the hospital for 2 months, but he's 9 months old now and close to 19 lbs now and doing well.

thats great news fenty! i know all about the incubator deal. my daughter was born thru an emergency c-section 3 months early. 1pound 11 oz. and 3 months in the hospital. she is perfect now! you will be fine !:thumbsup:

Congratulations!!!Email me over a cigar...

congrats man . keep up the good work dad.

congrats! I have an 8 month old.....I will warn you, it is a wild ride!!!!

congrats bro, i hope u the best

Congrats :thumbsup:

congrats bro and just think with the reliability of the brp it will still be running when your son gtes readt to ride :-)

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