I'm a DAD!!!

congrats...wrong forum though. Goto town square.

congrats !

Super Sweet Music!

Kids are the best...... Congratulations:applause:

Very cool :thumbsup: Best to all of you and your family!

Congratulation Fenty! Rugby forever!! :thumbsup:

congrats lad......i am tipping back a liter of scrumpy jack for yoo !!!!!

Nice! Congrats, My #4 is due in Nov, (still manage to hang on to 3 bikes) My boss just took a trip to Ireland!

congratz! keep up the good work :thumbsup::cheers::thumbsup::busted:

congratz! keep up the good work :thumbsup::cheers::thumbsup::busted:

I'll try, but the missus' offices are closed at the minute!!! :bonk:

Thanks for all the sentiments guys.

Congratulations, It's a life changing experience.

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