DRZ Specialist in UK

Hi, after reading all about re-jetting etc. I just wondered whether any fellow UK TT'ers knew of a DRZ specialist in the UK that can sort my bike out? Doing it myself seems too daunting. :thumbsup:

What'd I'd like to get done is the re-jetting of the carb and a dyno set-up to ensure the bike was running properly. (I can cut the 3"x3" hole in the airbox myself).

So, does the UK have a specialist capable of jetting the DRZ properly? :thumbsup:

(N.B. - no, I don't fancy doing the re-jet myself - my bike is precious to me and I don't trust myself :busted: ).

As Clint Eastwood once said "A Man Has To Know His Limitations". Even though it is easy to do, if you are not comfortable doing it, you should not. Better would be an experieced DRZ'er to do it with you. You would gain not only the work bring done but some valuable experience. I am sure a few of the local chaps will chime in and offer a hand. Being so many have been done already, the jetting is fairly simple, so dyno runs are not needed to get it right.

Hi again, I am willing to to do it (I've done my Honda XR250), it's just that I can't find any guides comprehensive enough to guide a DRZ 'newbie' through it.

For example, the XR250's carb didn't need its needle repositioning - the carb stayed where it was and I just changed the main and pilot jets.

I assume the DRZ carb jetting is more complex, due to removal of carb being required? Plus, what's all this about needing an impact wrench to remove float-bowl screws? Just all sounds a little daunting.

Yes, I;ve read the 3x3 thread, and a few others, but wonder if there's a detailed 'walk-though' somewhere for a newbie?



There are a few posts with some pictures. To remove the float bowl screws, a hand impct tool is used. Not to expensive. It is simply a 'bar' with interchangeable tips. You select the correct tip for the screw. Have some one hold the carb, supporting it safely. Put the tip firmly in the screw, twist the tool slightly in the direction to loosen it, and strike the back of the tool with a hammer. If the screw head fails, a pair of vise grips can grab it an get it off. Some have re-slotted the head with a dremel tool and used the appropriate bit on the impact tool.

Spread out a clean towl on your work bench. Then is is a simple matter of removing the screws the rest of the way with a screwdriver then removing the jets, one at a time and replacing with the ones in the kit. Best kit to get is the James Dean. also very wise to get the allen bolt kit (to replace those pesky phillips heads that are so hard to remove) and a Kientech extended fuel screw.

Things to watch out are the little o-ring in the diaphram housing, and be very gentle (think) when removing the plastic needle holder.

I did the 3x3 and re-jet a couple of weeks ago. Not a difficult job. Took my time and thought out each step. The job went smooth and I was done in under an hour of working time. It can be done much faster, but like I said, I took my time. Get the JD kit, the extended fuel screw, and the float bowl screws. Read the instructions with the kit, they are pretty good. Check the posts on TT for jetting recommendations, any questions just ask. Some one will know what setup for your area and configuration. If you don't have a spare air filter get one. That way you will have a clean, freshly oiled filter ready to go and won't have to wait for a just washed filter to dry. I cut the 3x3 hole with a 3 inch putty knife, heat it up with a propane torch and let it melt through the plastic. Gives you a nice clean cut. once you have it all back together turn the petcock to prime for a couple of seconds, pull out the choke, and start the bike. Warm it up and confirm the pilot settinghttp://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=327405 Then take the bike for a ride and enjoy the new smoother power.

It is a job that can be handled by almost anyone. Not as hard as assembling a model train set. The rewards are a bike that runs smoother and has more power at all throttle settings. Not to mention the satisfaction of a job well done.

You can do it!:thumbsup:

Thanks folks. When I dio it, I might do a video tutorial, like the one I did for fellow XR250 TT'ers.

Advice appreciated.


If your that worried about it, Depending on WHERE in the UK are you are, I'll help you out!

So...Where are you?


Just a little worried as my DRZ is my daily mode of transport - can't mess it up and have the bike out of action.

I'm in Sheffield, btw.

Just a little worried as my DRZ is my daily mode of transport - can't mess it up and have the bike out of action.

I'm in Sheffield, btw.

My bike is my only mode of transport, so i know where your comming from!

But honestly, its not hard to get the jetting done!:thumbsup:

Sorry but Sheffield is a bit far for a southern cost boy like myself.


This is the post i ued to do my re-jet. And i was very hungover when i did it!

You'll be fine :thumbsup:

Hi I just did the 3x3 mod on my "S" using the James Dean kit. Comes with illustrated instructions. The hardest part for me was removing and installling the carb :not alot of room to work with, but it wasn't that bad. Runs much better now.

I re-used the float bowl screws. I used a pair of Channel Locks and loosened the screws with that. No damage to screws and was easy. Good Luck.

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