Removing a broken air pressure release screw

I have a 1997 cr250 with a broken air pressure release screw in the forks, can anyone tell me the best way of getting it out.

Drill a small hole and use an easy-out...

Thanks Chris, looked around for an easy-out today, but couldn't find one that small.

Living in a small, quiet town out in the scrub has it's drawbacks.

I eventually got it out after some :thumbsup: ingenuity.

Got the new bleeders in, and I'm as happy as a pig in shi?. :thumbsup:

you can try to cut a groove into the sticky part of your broken srew, eg with a Dremel tool and then srew it out

or if you have a very small punch and try to hit them ccw out.

i had a customer who broke the bleeding screw three times in a row :thumbsup:

but that gave me some kind of practice removing it :thumbsup:

Try Sears. They have these drill bit easy-out things that look like a drill in reverse. The kit has 3 bits for about $20. You need a drill with reverse though. Works well.

Did the part break off of one of those Motion pro ez bleeders?

I'll bet you anything that the broken part isn't even stuck.

I'd try to get a jeweler's screwdriver or a shart pointed object on the broken part and try to unthread the broken part back out.

Shart pointed you say? You know when you shart, all your really doing is farting, only a little s**t comes out right?

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