kickstarter removal

I have a 1995 300 mxc and all I'm trying to do is remove the kickstarter. I have never run into this before, but it starts to slide off and then stops. I have looked for whatever is stopping it and can't find it. It moves about a half inch and stops. Can corrosion build up and do this? It feels like it's hitting something hard, but it's tough to see. I don't see any other bolts that might secure it, and I don't see any clips or anything either. I used vice grips to try and pull it off. I tapped it with a hammer to loosen what ever is stopping it. Usually I can remove the end bolt and take them right off. I've lost kickstarters before just riding. I've only owned it a couple years, and this is my first time trying to remove this one. :thumbsup: Thanks.

from memory there is groove under there that is most likely filled with rust/dirt. SoaK IT IN PENETRATING OIL AND TRY AGAIN.

+1 for that! had a ktm that would be a b**** to take off the kickstarter. some of the nasty stuff makes it smooth as butter though :thumbsup:

I'll try that, thanks guys

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