New supermoto wheels

Well after almost wearing out a set of full knobbies I finaly ordered a supermoto wheelset from East coast Wheels(a month ago). Black Excel rims, blue Rad hubs and a pair of conti force tires.

Well they came UPS last Tuesday while I was on vacation, so I didn't get a chance to put them on untill yesterday. The wheels look great, but the front hub doesn't have a speedo drive on it. The back wheel doesn't want to line up properly, when the tire is not rubbing the chain the axle adjusters aren't even.

Does anybody have any sugestions that would help me out.

I have already sent an email to ECW about the problem, no answer yet.

Sounds like the rear wheel isn't true. Put it on a stand and verify that first, then have it trued.

As far as the front goes, you really can't do too much with out a drive unit, but you could put a electronic unit on that uses a magnet like a Vapor from trail tech.

You may have to move the rear wheel away from the chain a fuzz..I had to do that with my rear wheel. The chain still rubs a bit...its not a big deal to me. Measure form a point on the bike to the center of the axle, like the swingarm pivot point to be sure your wheel is aligned correctly with the bike(straight). You would have had to order a speedo drive hub when ya ordered the wheel set. Ask ECW if they will swap your hub out.try and work em a bit.

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