What radiators will fit my xcf-w? Need one bad.

I speared my left hand radiator last night beyond repair and need to get one by this weekend if possible. If anyone has anything that would fit let me know or if you know what years of other models will fit please inform me.



I'll go out and compair my 06 400 to my 250 see if there close.

Thanks, I've found some 03 450 sx radiators and am trying to find measurements to see if I can make them fit.

Just a little update. I'm running those 03 450 sx radiators no problems. The bottom hose outlets exit the bottom of the tanks instead of the sides but still point in the right direction. Got the hoses with them so everything pretty much bolted right up. And they are one core wider, better cooling I would believe. Did get some radiator guards this time. :bonk:

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