Which Mobil 1 15-50 W synthetic??


over in the UK there was a Mobil synthetic that was 0-50W. steer well clear of it. that may be the stuff they're on about.



Get the "motorcycle oil" not the car oil. Friction modifiers are put in the car oil so it's NOT wet clutch compatable. See this link for a better information from Mobil.



First link is the Cycle lubricants products. Second link is the discussion on Car oil vs Motorcycle oil.


'00 WR, YZ modified and MX-Tech suspension; now if I could just ride it.

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I've read all the past topics of Mobil 1 synthetic 15-50 weight. I saw one thread that confused me about there being a "car 15-50" and a "motorcycle 15-50".

Whats the deal here? Im thinking about switching from Yamalube to the Mobil 1 since K-mart has it on sale for $3 something a bottle. Is it the same thing?

Which Mobil 1 do you use on a 4 stroke dirt bike, Mobil 1 MX4T 10W-40 (the sport bike recommendation)? Does this formula come in different weights and if so which is best for desert riding? Also, do any of the large discount stores carry the motorcycle Mobil 1?

Paul in AZ

Realize that the 15W-50 (see Mobil spec sheet) automotive oil doesn't contain the dreaded friction modifiers and works excellent in motorcycles at a much better price. There has been a large amount of debate on this subject both here and on other forums. You may want to search on oil and see what turns up. In one of the previous posts you'll find a link to a test where Mobil 1 15W-50 automotive oil outperforms numerous expensive motorcycle specific oils. Unfortunately MX4T wasn't compared. Paul, the only weights available (motorcycle sepecific) are 10W-40 (MX4T) and 20W-50 (V-Twin). The best prices on the motorcycle specific oils are through mail order. Auto Zone carries both MX4T and V-twin, but it is not cheap.


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Thanks for the info. Another question:

I have been running Mobil 1 Tri-Synthetic Formula 15W-50 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil in my '98 YZ400 for about 6 months. No problems and the clutch bites harder than an desert rattler - never slips. Is this the automotive Mobil 1 you said didn't have the friction modifier?


Paul in AZ

Yes, thats the stuff. I've been running the same oil in my WR for quite a while. You can also tell it doesn't have the friction modifiers by looking at the grade on the back of the bottle. Friction modified oil will say Energy Conserving, Mobil 1 15W-50 does not.


Thanks again Brad!!! I'll continue to use this formula of Mobil 1.

Paul in AZ

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