KTM 525SMR Help quick please!

My buddy bought a new leftover 2005 KTM 525SMR. It didn't come with an owners manual. We are supposed to go ride supermoto tomorrow but the clutch cover started leaking from a bad gasket. He got a new gasket but what are the torque specs for the clutch cover bolts?

Also, any oil change information is appreciated. Do the engine and transmission share oil or is it separate? If separate what weights and capacities are used in each? Are there an oil screens or anything to clean? Which filler plug and drain is for what? He is trying to get a manual from the dealer but it is going to take awhile. Thanks for any help you can give.

Drain plug is in the left rear corner, I think its a 12mm hex. However it should be broken in on the factory oil! Run it a few hours

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