Back from the Dark-Side: Bought a YZ250

I finally decided to go back to a 2-stroke and picked up a YZ250 yesterday.

Living in California and getting to play the whole red/green sticker game I did keep my YZ400F.

But I couldn't resist getting a 2-stroke again and it feels good.

I haven't been able to ride much the last few years and can't wait to get back out.

Dont forget to add oil

Welcome back, and congrats on your new purchase. I haven't tried a 4 stroke yet. This 03 YZ is my first experience with a Yamaha, I like it so much I'm looking for a newer model now! After you get some ride time in let us know what ya think. In the meantime enjoy. :thumbsup:

I rode it yesterday and knew instantly I had made the right choice.

Something had been missing on the 4st and I found it on the 2st.:thumbsup:

I'm setting it up for off-road/woods racing. Just waiting for the parts to come in so I can start turning wrenches. After I make the mods I'll ride it some more before having the suspension worked on.

While I was picking up the YZ I got my Daughter her first bike. (TTR-50)

She rode hers for the first time yesterday. Had a great time.

My wife took a spin on the 50cc and now wants a bike too.

The Yamaha dealer is gonna love me this month.

Tell your YZF its going to be lonely for a long time.....

I've ridden mine once in the past 11 months. Good choice on the 250!

Tell your YZF its going to be lonely for a long time.....

I've ridden mine once in the past 11 months. Good choice on the 250!

Stange that.

I keep saying im taking my 426 out next time,always arrive with my yz250 though.Its not been used since i got the 250 either,9 months.

Great choice on the YZ 250... and welcome back to the 2 stroke faith lol.

Thats awesome you got your little girl a bike and now your wife wants one. Family rides on the weekends! :thumbsup:

Congrates on the bike and getting the family involved, the unfortunate thing that you have already stated is the Yamaha dealer is going to love you.

I got my wife involved and now she complains about having to feed my mates and washing my riding gear? (she refuses to wash my bike). I don't understand her. I try and win trophies so she can brag to her mates? What gives???

Most women could care less about moto trophies, but that's no reason not to go get a bunch!

Went to the dealer and found a bike for my wife.

The TTR-125 fit her perfect, but she feels more comfortable on the TTR-90.

Easier to ride, no clutch. So we got the TTR-90.

She's been riding it the last two days and loves it.

It was a win / win situation. My Daughter can move up to the 90 when she's ready and the boy will get the 50.

And I'm thinking Yamaha should have a YZ150F out by the time my wife is ready to move up,:thumbsup:

Still working on getting the woods/off-road mods on the YZ250.

Just a bit of local trivia, I couldn't find a 2007 CR250 anywhere in the area. Dealers said they sold out as soon as Honda made the announcement they are dropping them in 08.

How do get to post pics around here?

How do get to post pics around here?

That's cool that she is luv'n the 90.

I go to

upload your pictures to your account there, and it will give you links that you can post in your, um, posts. You can either have it as a hyper link or an in-text photo. Pretty easy.

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