after sitting in the shed for 14 years

this 25 y/o cr 480 is almost totally restored.....after 4 months...of working on it every almost done......have every thing to finish it .. just need to get it done,,,....its been in the famly since new.......CIMG2763.jpg


Wow, pretty rare bike! Looks like an '82 and a fine job of restoration there, John. Was that the largest displacement in the Elsinore series? Must be a bear to find resto parts... LOOKS GREAT!

Wow nice bike! How many teeth are on that sprocket?

i think the 450 was the largest elsin. in 81 ,,,,im pretty sure the elsinore series ended in 81...and it is an 82 your right...they impoved the 83 and gave it another gear but both years were good bikes...unlike the 450 in 81....and the parts were not that bad to find......the ones i needed anyway.....the 480 was only avil in the us in 82-83.......but alot were sold...also the bike had most of the harder to get parts still in pretty good shape which made it a good bike to was never was bought new and used as a trail bike so alot of the parts when cleaned were not worn much as most race bikes in this era.

Wow, that may be the nicest 82 I've ever seen. Great motor. You'll get used to the left side kick very quickly. Other than the extra gear and different seat and tank the basic bike is the same as the 83.


Niceeee. I've got 1 in the shed to start soon. Just getting all the bits, Where did you get your seatcover from???

believe it are not....its the original seat cover the 480R was worn off a little but i could still see the outline so i taped it up and repainted it with a plastic paint like the original ......itl will prob wear of eventually again but ,,,,so did the original........lets keep in like to know how it comes out.

Here's my 83 CR480. I've been picking them up for between $300 and $400 a piece, I think I have parts for about 4 now. I think my buddy up the road has 2 83's and an 82. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


nice bike!!! im looking for a sprocket retainer its the only thing keeping me from being finished..ive never ridden it yet...but i hear its a real bad move buying the parts bike as the parts will not get easier to find as time goes like to keep in touch with you guys i will be needing some advice on it im sure.funny how the 82 abd 83 look like totally different bikes but are almost the same bike.

great bike! I like the 84 and newer (front disc). Wish I had one.

The 84 CR500, front disk brake, had jetting problems. Best way to fix those was to run a Bing carb. :thumbsup: You have to ride these like a 4 stroke, they have great bottom and mid, but sign off early on the top end. Fastiest way around the track is to short shift and lug it. :thumbsup:

How do you post a picture of your ride like this? Nice looking Honda btw, are you going to race vintage MX with it?


get a free account at photo bucket upload your pic,,,it will give you 3 file options left click on the bottom one it will copy the file .......then paste it to youe post. easy after you get photo bucket.

Another way to post pics is put it in your 'garage' and paste the link. :thumbsup: Hammer and Tongs, VDR..:thumbsup:

Thanks for the instructions, I did the Photobucket thing. Do you ride any H&T or VDR events?

Thanks for the instructions, I did the Photobucket thing. Do you ride any H&T or VDR events?

All the time, I'm the Moderator on the yahoo VDR page and print the stickers for Siege. :thumbsup:

Viva Mangy Mutts! :thumbsup:

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