supermoto bike?

does anyone know if there is a supermoto track in oklahoma? if so where? i am moving there soon and i am going to live in town and want something i can use to get good gas milage and mabe do some supermoto. can i change out offroad and supermoto tires to go offroad and onroad? i was thinking that i would be better off 450 or something, i was wanting to get a 250f but i dont think a 250f has quite the power required for street and supermoto, i was thinking that a 450 geared up would work great, i would like to get the bike geared to where i can do 60 or 70 without it being reved out to much, but still do 10-30 in the city without stalling to easily. ps- im 16, already have my drivers license, getting my motorcycle license soon.

There are two near Oklahoma City and one in Tulsa that i know of. check out They run a really good series.

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