MX in Australia


I've set up a Youtube profile for myself, coz I've just got into making some movies out of all the MX footage i've taken this year.

There will be more to come in the following months for sure.

They are also on our club's website but it's better if people watch them on Youtube coz that wont overload our clubs bandwidth.

I star in the Fingernail one. :thumbsup: "BlueFlame's Motocross Get off"

Hope ya like them.

Sweet vids!:thumbsup: Sucks about your finger though :thumbsup:

great riding and i love your bike.

good get-off man:thumbsup:

it'll grow back bud:p

Hey man you ride pretty good, good work on that 250 2-stroke.. I HATE crashing in that dry sandy stuff, lying on the ground with a head full of dust, spitting out what you can while trying to get a breath because your winded and hurt everywhere else. Just brings back bad, painful memories. Cool vid though. I'll subscribe.

Hey, thnx for all ya nice comments people! :thumbsup:

I appreciate it.

And...I'm glad you enjoyed the vid's.

patto3 You obviously know how it feels to crash like that....that track in particular is a bitch of a track. If you ever crash there, it always hurts and usually bends something. It's really unforgiving.

I've recently sold that bike...*bit sad about it* I bought a 2006 RMZ450 that only had 12.4hrs on it...with an '07 suspension front/rear and Vortex Ignition and ProTaper bars.....My first ride on it, I timed my laps, I was 5 seconds/lap faster on the 4 banger, even though I've only ever ridden/raced 2 strokes. :thumbsup:

thnx again people.

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