CR front brake cable for WR

Has anyone tried the aftermarket CR front brake cable routing on their WR? If so, what company did you buy it from? I saw this listed in the March 2002 Motocross Action on page 112 for a YZ 250 and liked the idea of getting rid of the crazy Yamaha routing system.


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There are two options:

1) With the intention of keeping the WR headlight intact, the only company I've heard that makes a CR routed line that will work is AMPRO and MX-South sells it for around $140.

2) If you run a number plate the YZ line (CR Routed) is available from the three companies they list in the MXA issue, Fastline, Surf and Turf, and ???

The third option although I'm not sure if anyone would try is to call Galpher and have them make one, which they will do, probably at a cheaper rate than any of the above.

Hope this helps.

I got one in Australia - made by Goodridge - About US$65 - AU $130 - choice of ends (alloy, S/S) and choice of colours for the outer braiding (I got blue) - street legal too...

If you can't et one in the US, let me know, I could hook you up with one at a pinch - Postage would be a few bucks...



Someone mentioned going to a Harley Dealer or Speed Shop where they custom make those things all the time.

I bought a steel line (WR routing) for my bike. I WOULD recommend it.

The worst thing was bleeding the line.

The easiest way is to pump the fluid up FROM THE BOTTOM, at the bleed screw.

I used a turkey baster w/ rubber flex tubing, and A LOT of patience to work on a Honda quad that was severely air bound.

seeing double are you?

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Thank you everyone for all of the info and great ideas for saving some dough with this modification.


Fastline makes a $48 steel front line that is NOT CR routed, but rather the stock WR config. It works on both the stock headlight and Acerbis number plate.

The stopping power is MUCH improved! I've seen a few YZ's with CR routing and the cable always gets chewed up by the disk. Apparently mounting a DR line will require a sturdy bracket to keep it away from the disk..just an FYI..

You would think the CR routing would be cheaper, since it's several inches shorter.

Hey MCarp, what is your source for $48 Fastline brake lines? I've been doing some searching, but the lowest I've seen is about $60.

i have a 00 wr with a fastline cr routing i had to remove the headlight and use a numberplate the stopping power is great but i agree with mccarp i dont think it will last long it already has some kinks in it i'm going to try one of the other steel lines with wr routing that way if i want to use my headlight i don't have to swap brakelines every time. 00wr400 throttle screw cut,airbox lid removed,fmf powerbomb header,powercoreiv pipe,renthal bars,yz rear fender,numberplatecycra probend barkbusters,ims 3.4 gal. yz tank and seat 170main,45pilot,air screw 1 3/4 turns 96kx100 00xr50 01xr50

I have not been overjoyed by my fastline.

The heatshrink sheath slipped down, the ends were indexed off creating a funny twist, and yes it does rub the disk.

I would try something besides a fastline.

The surf and turf kit includes a fastline I believe.

Most important: make sure you either make or buy a clamp to clamp the brakeline to the fork protector. I also had to grind down the fork slider as it is the culpret that catches the brake line & yanks on it & pulls it into the rotor. If you use a larger rotor this is a must do mod! I learned the hard way after having a brand new fasline get totally chewed up.

I use Fastline brakeline, Am-Pro aluminum brakeline bracket - modified to Fastline diameter & Braking "Wave" Rotor fantastic! Best front brakes I have ever used.

Hey David!

Funny how people re-surface! I bought your Magura clutch, Stainless filter and hot start last year...

Josh in Florida

Here is my "jimmy rigged" setup! 8 months of hard riding and the brake line is still intact (not chewed up by the rotor) It just takes a little I need a machine shop so I can fab up some trick YZ parts (maybe in 15 more years LOL)


My local dealer hooked me up for $48 for the stock routed steel fastline. I ordered a few other parts and probably got some sort of a good guy discount (bought several bikes from this dealer and usually work with the mgr). I think MX-South has them for around $10 more, but they are always willing to negotiate, so don't be afriad to ask for a discount! The rear lines are slightly less, I have the rear steel line as well, but wouldn't say this is a must have item since the rear worked pretty well and with the engine braking effect, it's not a gota have

Ask MX-South if they will sell you one for $48, chances are good they'll do it or come real close.

I would pay MUCH MORE for this mod, it brings the stopping power to a new level.

I've been using it for about a year or 1,100 miles of trail use with some MX. No problems to date...installing it was a PITA. Don't install the day before a race, you could be up all night cursing!! Use Kevin from NH's idea and you should be OK (or a mityvac)

I believe the main hurdle to CR routing is keeping the line attached to the guard, and off the disk. I didn't want to keep messing with it, so I went the "no hastle" route. I also insist on being able to swap the light/number plate back and forth, so the stock routing was the only way to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Thanks for the info. mcarp! I'll check with MX South.

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