results on my acc. adjustments......

this is what I did

If I leave the fork in close and I ride the way I nomaly do, that is tight woods lots of turns the trottle full on full off the hole time I foul plugs. But the bike runs well.

Now I open the fork so the acc starts a little later, and I ride the same. the bike does not have the quick response but It dose not foul the plug..

But I did have to adjust the pilot screw to gain some performance....

Hmmmmmm you've been at those mushrooms again haven't you!!! :)


You are right on target. The pump can squirt too much fuel at low speeds unless there is adequate delay ("starts a little later"). 1/8 to 1/4 throttle is where it should start to flow. Tight woods is a good example of a situation where the low speeds can't be avoided. Readjusting the pilot screw can fill in to a lesser extent.

In more wide open conditions the pump can be set to flow earlier giving a quicker response without a problem.


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