Scotts/GPR damper

Hi, well i'am in the process of buying a damper for my 250x and I was shopping around and theres a guy selling one that was on his STREET bike, its a SCOTTS.. Now I've read on a post somewhere that there is a difference in the street model and off-road model.. is this true?? I've checked the info on the website and the damper itself looks exactly the same on all models, its just the mounting kits that are different.

Thanks for the input.

definately different valving inside one for street and one for dirt

Do a search, this topic has been discussed at length. The damping is different between street and dirt versions of the Scott's, 100% sure of that.:thumbsup:

yeah im positive theres different needs for both

scotts dirt damper slows steering away from center but not back to it, and the street damper damps in both directions. the folks at scotts said a street damper is not bad for dirt, just not as ideal. there are settings to make a street damper work well in the dirt, you just expend a bit more energy getting the bars back to center.

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