Endurance odometer info needed

Does the Endurance brand unit have a permanent (non-resetable) odometer showing total mileage? I need a permanent ODO to meet state street inspection on my 400E. Sorry to ask, but could not find a definite answer in my 'net search. Many thanks.

The Endurance is resettable....

Thanks, Mr D.:thumbsup:

Almost all ot the aftermarket units are resettable. This to enable a purchaser to set the unit to the existing mileage when a OEM unit is being replaced. This not a simple matter of pressing a button or two. As I understand it, special codes have to be entered. A phone call to tech support is required and they then explain what needs to be done. I also believe that each time, the procedure is different to prevent 'rolling back' and odometer. Give Trail Tech a call, they can explin this in fuirther detail. I do think an Endurance model will satisfy the state requirements.

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