compression release 650???

I was reading a reply over on ADV rider and it was brought up that the 650 has some sort of release. Ive looked at the manual long and hard but still think this info is Bogus. Does anyone here have any info about this,

I dont think it has one but Ive been wrong before...:thumbsup:

it's an automatic de-compressor... built into the cam

There is an excellent response on advrider in the dr650 thread. I asked a question about compression specs and a guy who is a MMI teacher responded with a pretty good explanation on how it works. It is basically a centrifugal system that as I understand it, takes affect until around 1000rpm.

I did not understand it to affect the camshaft itself, but it sounded like there is some sort of pin that works with the exhaust valves. He also stated that the whole decompression issue is not covered well in the manuals.

Hope this helps. I am not sure how to stick a link in here but if you check over on advrider I'm sure you'll find it.


The only mention of the decompression unit in the DR650 manual is how to remove and replace it and that it is not repairable if it is not working properly.

Hi, when we buy a new Hotcam for the XR650l it come without automatic de-compressor, that mind the xr650l can work without automatic de-compressor, the question is : I can remove the automatic de-compressor system on DR650 if this making to much noise???

Making too much noise?

Yes, and I believe it is because the springs of the automatic de-compressor are not in good condition (on my DR650)

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