Two 2 Cool Engine Oil Treatment; xr650l

Hey all, I have a question: have any of you tried Two 2 Cool Engine Oil Treatment? It says that it will drop the engine temp by like 50 degrees F. I am wondering if this actually will decrease engine temps (my bike is running pretty lean (hotter than normal)). Will it hurt the engine? Increase horsepower?

I've never tried it but I have thought about it, I wonder how it reacts with synthetic oils? There have been lenthy threads on this product here and I believe the general consensus was that it does work. I use synthetic oil and am still on the fence due to that fact alone.

Well Rockjockey, it does not say specifically that it cannot work with synthetic oils, which are very commonly used, so I say that it would be safe. I would suggest calling a toll free number and ask the manufacturer directly. What else has been said about this stuff?

1.)It says that it will drop the engine temp by like 50 degrees F.

2.) I am wondering if this actually will decrease engine temps (my bike is running pretty lean (hotter than normal)).

3.) Will it hurt the engine?

4.) Increase horsepower?

1.) Lies.

2.) No. Not enough to help, anyway.

3.) Probably not. Key word is probably.

4.) Not impossible, but not likely either.

Very, very few oil additives actually do anything beneficial. At best, most do nothing at all. At worst, they screw up the good qualities your plain oil already had. It is generally a safe assumption that a truly effective friction reducer will be sold to a large corporate entity, not marketed and sold piecemeal to the public through late night infomercials and websites.

IMO, save your money, get some good engine oil instead, and get the jetting sorted out so you don't run so hot.

im on the boat with HT on this. i seriously doubt any additive will reduce oil temp by more than a few degrees. best solution is to rejet, change your oil/filter every 1000 miles.

OR add a oil cooler that will do 100 times more than any additive and your gonna drop temps guaranted with a cooler.

Yeah, I am not getting that stuff. I rejeted the beast (155 main) and it runs better now. It was surging with the desnorkel, so this helped tremendously!!

I'd ask the manufacturer if it is compatible with wet clutches on motorcycles. if it's an aditive to reduce friction, the wet clutch is an item that you do not want to start slipping!! Auto and boat motors do not have oil bath clutch plates usually.....:thumbsup:

Go with mobil 1 for wet clutches, here in socal I went to mobil 1 and change jets from a 155 main to a 162 main and it dropped the temp about 50deg. on my 93 xr650l

I AGREE mobil 1 synthetic 4t 10w40, so i hear is a really good oil. i've got a few quarts on the way right now from the thumper talk store. it,s about 11.80 per quart.i'm gonna run it in all of my bikes. :thumbsup:

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