Hey Harold.....

Hey Pal,

Have you gotten your carb/back firing problems sorted out yet?

I thought it was kind of cool to see that big ball of fire shooting out of the exhaust when he shut down the engine. How can I get mine to do that?

If it wasn't for that hard starting thing afterwords, it would be a nice addition to any WR!



I haven't made any changes (very busy) but I went out to the MX track yesterday. No problems starting but still back fires almost everytime about 3 to 5 seconds after I turn it off.

On another note, I overshot a jump yesterday and had a really hard fall. I hit my handlebars and damper with my chin and bit my tongue on both sides. Got 15 stiches in my tongue, one hole went all the way through. Anyway, I will probably take a week or two off. Right now I'm drinking slim fasts and eating apple sauce. Any suggestions.



What the heck we gonna do with you...???

I guess we'll have to take your bike away from you for a little bit. :)

Your bike is jet propelled just like the Bat Mobile! I was also after those burritos the last day in Moab.

Tongue joke inserted here....

Ouch, that sounds painful. Luckily it will heal and there was no bike damage. And only a week off.

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