Change bars to help attack postion?

When I stand with my legs bent and me leaning with my head over the bars things always feel so awkward for me... like it's very unatural and I feel if I sit down around the bumpy corner I'll be safer and faster.

I also get the feeling that if my front or rear wheel starts to washout I'll never be able to save it because I am not sitting. When I sit this fear goes away.... I think because my center of gravity is lower.

I rode a friend's CRF450 and I noticed that when in the attack position I didn't feel quite as awkward to me. I tried to figure out what was different but could not.

So my question is... what changes have you guys made that you noticed make the attack position easier?



I like to roll my bars forward a little, this helpes transfer my weight to my front tire:prof: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

The attack pos has variations. There are times where I'm a lot more forward than other to lighten up the rear end, but primarily, I'm using the standard form.

I'm not huge on bike adjustments i.e. bars 'n stuff, but suspension and me get jacked w/ all the time - me more than the suspension though.

Part of it also has to do w/ seat time (not really in the seat though). I've been working at standing and I'm getting more and more comfortable w/ it and as GS always says in the vids, it's becoming an automatic reflex reaction.

Just keep at it and get a CRF - you deserve it. :thumbsup:

What kinda of bars are you using - bend wise?

Are they positioned correctly for you. To check, Sit on your bike in the center of the seat, close your eyes, shake your arms out, then go to grab your bars where you think they should be. Keep your hands there, open your eyes. Do this standing aswell.

Doing this may not always give you the totally correct positioning but it should get you close to your natural feel.

If you are feeling like you have no contol of the bike when standing.... are you gripping the bike with your knees and/or ankles? Doing that when you are standing will give you a ton of control.

Just some ideas.

Good question about bar bend... I have no clue. I bought them because they were higher than average. I will try the bend thing tonight.

I squeeze the bike but I just feel awkward... like I'm in some weird hunch pose that is totally un natural.

I've been in attack postions on mountain bikes before and have never felt this weird. It almost seems like if the foot pegs were a little lower or further back on the bike I'd feel more nastural. I am 5'11 though so this should be fine from factory for me I suspect.

I'm going to try higher bars. Just to see of it changes anyhting and how. Then I can make better decisions.

Thanks everyone.


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