E made street legal and the dreaded DMV!

I've spent many hours converting my DRZ400E to make it street legal. I bought everything that the S has differently (including the wiring harness) to make my E the same as the S but in keeping the wonderful jetted E engine. Even swapped the frames so I had a certificate of origin.

I live in CT and in order to make it street legal, I have to go to the only state run "composite" vehicle inspection center and you have to make an appointment at the states main motor-vehicle center.

So, I scheduled an appointment a month ago (takes that long to get a time slot).

I take the day off from work.

I plan to leave way in advance to trailer it across the state.

I call to confirm my appointment at 3 and they say I'm good to go.

I show up way early (2 hours early) for my 3pm appointment.

I get all of the paperwork done first in a separate building packed with too many people to count and lines out the doors (something they don't tell you on the website or if you call)... you'd think they'd have the paper work at the garage where the people perform the inspection and fill out other paper work.

I pay my $88.

But I'm so early that I don't care about the lines and delays.

I then wait in the parking lot with the bike until it's 2:20 because I didn't want my truck and trailer blocking their area while I waited.

I head to the garage and get the bike off and ready for the inspection by a little after 2:30 watching the two inspection people and waiting my turn. One inspection person (ex-state police) was goofing around in a squad car with some guy setting up some new computer thing... goofed around for probably more than 30 minutes; watched while I waited in line and unloaded the bike.

I finally went over to the only working inspector because many cars that were behind me in line were going through. I thought they had earlier appointments but thought I'd just let them know I'm waiting; even though they could see me and I was only about 80 feet away.

The woman tells me that my appointment was at 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My stomach sank... living in CT most of my life I know how Kafkaesque things can get here. I thought I was perfectly within the lines. I even confirmed my appointment earlier in the day. I took time off. I was dumbfounded. She must have just saw my name when I called and and didn't check the time I mentioned much earlier in the day when she said I was good to go.

She said she'd double check. SO I went back and waited. It was approaching my appointment now and the other very rude officer finally starts working and yells from the garage, "reschedule!".

I can't tell you the array of emotions that went through me sitting there patiently waiting on my trailer.

I try calling the DMV main building 200 feet to my left to ask what is going on?!? I can't get through. I go wait in line to get to the information desk (line is now even further out the door). They tell me to speak to a manager. I wait in the manager line for a long time. They tell me there's nothing they can do and to go to the commercial vehicle inspection office (BIG 3 floor huge building).

I finally convince a worker there to get someone in charge over and the head guy (another x-cop) comes out of his secret office. He tells me it's too late to get it done (now it's 3:50, they close at 4). I tell them it takes 5 minutes to look at the bike, that I've been there since 1:30 ready!!!! ... and all of the info above. He said no, the inspection people are busy. So I slowly walk out to the inspection garage to pack up my bike and they are NOT busy!!!! I walk up to the inspection lady and she said she would have inspected it if I had waited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I waited all day in line and they told me to go away quite rudely!!! It was as if they really just wanted to stick it to me and to top it off, I was at her post at 5 minutes to 4pm with the bike right there and she would just check the turn signals, brake light, horn, and speedometer. I was livid internally.

I went to my trailer to load the bike, there's just nothing that you can do! Even if my appointment was for 2, I was there in front of them at 2:30 and it only takes 5 f'ing minutes to look at the bike and sign off.

Come 4:02 she had the door shut and was driving away.

I just can't mention enough how helpless I feel about the entire thing.

Day off from work.

Trailering it across the state (now have to wait a month or more to do it again)

Called and confirmed before I left.

so on, and so on...


My girlfriend is a writer and quite good. She's going to write up the entire story (she was with me the entire time and went her separate way to try and see what she could do while I tried... both meeting the same end result and both ending up the the head guys office at 5 minutes to 4pm).

AT my next appointment, I'm going to leave the story printed on fluorescent yellow paper with every official I see and a stack on the writing tables for the poor people to read while waiting in those horrid lines. I'm sure I left out some other horrible things. My GF will write them up. We won't embellish, we'll just state the facts and she'll write it in a way that can describe the horror I went through.

I bet something else will go wrong next time... it has to, it's the CT DMV.

Sorry to hear that.

You said you had to drive it across the state. The last time I was in CT I don't remember how long it took to go across, but it can't be more than a couple of hours......

Hope it goes better for you next time. :thumbsup:

Bureaucracy at its worst. The problem is that the people working at any DMV don't answer to their "customers". You can't take your business elsewhere. The result is that they just don't care. It isn't like they will loose their job because of poor service.

About all you can do is keep trying. Get there first thing in the morning. Be first in line. That way you have time to deal with whatever mistakes they make. Your day is going to be shot anyway so you may as well wreck the whole day.

Having spent more than my fair share of hours on end in DMV lines I can feel for ya.

WOuldn't it have been easier to just swap the engine internals inside of an S and then sell the E?

Gimme the address adn ill write 'em a letter too ! dumba$$es

RobotMachines, you are not such a bad writer yourself! I enjoyed your writeup a lot and groaned at your experience. :thumbsup:

I feel for you, man. Been there so many times. I would contact the head of the DMV. My own experience has been the guys at the top often do try and may well make sure you are accomodated. You can also try your local assemblyman for a little help. You are their employer.

WOW , I hope you really stick it to them. I would love the read the combined stories(entire story) when completed.

I feel for you, man. Been there so many times. I would contact the head of the DMV. My own experience has been the guys at the top often do try and may well make sure you are accomodated. You can also try your local assemblyman for a little help. You are their employer.

Like the assemblyman idea. Unlike the shmucks at the DMV your assemblyman depends on your vote to keep his job. Helping you gets him/her good will votes from you and others you tell the story to.

Wow, you must so angry about that one, feel for you & I hope its sorted soon, these sort of things are bad enough without all that:censored:

Thanks everyone, still hurt'n.

Going to call to schedule another appointment tomorrow. Can't take another day off so it will have to be a weekend... bet that'll be about 2 months or more from now.

I'd like to write the assemblyman or someone but what will one person be able to do to the bureaucracy. What will my one vote really mean to them having to take time out of their day to make phone calls.

I've always wanted a video camera; next time I go, I will try to have one ready with the audio running. My GF can take the video. I'm going to ask everyone's name and if something else F'd up happens, I'll have proof and who knows... maybe I can sue. I've never been one to think of suing for anything but this has gone too far being that we the people pay their salaries.

Besides, small claims court, you don't need a high priced lawyer. I can just sue and if they don't show, I think I'll win the case... which can only be up to something like $500. But it'll be great to publish the situation in the paper and let them know people will take them to court. I'm sure I'm not the only one getting screwed by the DMV... have to record my phone call with them as well. Also, if I sue in my town THEY have to come HERE! See how they like driving across the state (yes, not the biggest state but 4 hours round trip is a lot; especially pulling a trailer).

Can you tell I'm pissed. :thumbsup:

Forgot to mention how a young woman went up to have her car inspected for something and she opened the door and started getting out get he said, "Oh my God, you got out of the car!". She jumped back in, I bet scared to death. I'm telling you, the place was run, as my GF said, like a boot camp. Very intimidating. Then I saw him tell her he was joking but she looked damned scared of that older ex-cop drill sargent. Wish I had gotten that on video.

You will be surprised what a conversation with your politician can do. They are terrified to blow you off. Who knows, you might complain to a local paper or TV station...... Those folks love to stew a politician.

You will be surprised what a conversation with your politician can do. They are terrified to blow you off. Who knows, you might complain to a local paper or TV station...... Those folks love to stew a politician.
Good point.

The problem with those state employee idiots is that once they are hired and get passed their probation period, it's hard to fire them. I would not be surprised if most of the upper management is just like the idiots you dealt with because they got promoted to their position. I feel for you dude, but there is probably nothing to be done or can be done with those idiots. I get just as pissed off as you about your story, believe me, most people who have ever dealt with a state run service probably do too. It would really be great to see them get sued by someone for their stupidity and lose............:thumbsup:

DMV can be brutal….Did you consider asking the DMV inspectors if they could check your bike and explain why you were waiting (and how ridiculously long you were waiting)? While they might be ex-cops, they could still be good guys. You really can’t blame them if you weren’t on a list from inside. With DMV, its all about the paperwork. IMO speak up next time.

DMV can be brutal….Did you consider asking the DMV inspectors if they could check your bike and explain why you were waiting (and how ridiculously long you were waiting)? While they might be ex-cops, they could still be good guys. You really can’t blame them if you weren’t on a list from inside. With DMV, its all about the paperwork. IMO speak up next time.

I did.

One wouldn't hear it and the other said there was nothing she could do.

Was a no win situation. Being a law abiding citizen who works hard and pays my taxes, I was almost, really very close to/willing to stay there until after they close to be arrested for trespassing so when it got written up in the paper, I could say that all I wanted was the 5 minutes I paid $88 for to inspect my legal bike... plus have been paying my taxes for all of these years... in CT we pay property tax, a lot of PT, for a trailer, a car, a house, a bike... I mean f@#%.

Since I lost that day of my life already... I was really considering spending the night in jail to make a point.

Are U sure u`r in CT....this sounds like customs in Mexico.

I feel your pain man. I had my drivers license suspended for three weeks because of a DMV mistake, it was a huge PITA. Then dealing with the court was just as bad. I had gotten the DMV to re-instate my license, but the court refused to dismiss the driving on a suspended license charge. It took 4 trips to court before I finally got the prosecutor to dissmiss the charges. They treated me like a criminal, it really sucked a$$. I thought about filing a small claims suit, but I just decided that it would just add to my frustration level, and require too much effort.


Allan Greenblazer

Sounds like CT needs to follow NYs lead and privatize all the inspections. Problem solved!

f the letter, that was a perfect opportunity to give them your opinion in person. Your letter should be to the supervisor on duty. However, your letter, video, audio are all likely to end up on the floor or gathering dust on a desk. Nobody other than you gives a hang. Government always sticks up for Government. The only payback you could have hoped for was the safisfaction of telling them they are retarded to thier fat. (and I bet they were fat) lazy, government faces. I work for a County and getting any help from my co-workers is impossible, and they work with me. Guess how they treat the public? You guessed right, they dont give a rats a$$.

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