We have a small track on our property which we just re-did. We have a big dust problem - our dirt is pretty fine and won't pack very easily. Now it is getting to be our 3 month dry season so no rain in sight. The guys (son and husband) ride around one time and they can't see where they are going! Is the only solution to just water it? We don't have a water truck and don't want to run our well dry! Any other things that work?

i cant think of much....sorry, maybe someone can come up with something

you can have some topsoil, or clay brought in. it would pack a little tighter. see if the local fire department will spray it for you as a training exercise.

I dont know how big the track is or how close to water but, you could run a couple garden hoses to the track area and hook up some cheap sprinklers to help wet the area down.

could try mixing in some wood chips with soil...

could try mixing in some wood chips with soil...

lord, woodchips.. they pack when there wet and for one hit (on a jump) corners there okay, but instead of ruts u just have spots where u roosted all the chips away and its dirt again :thumbsup: :thumbsup: +1 to the clay idea. and the fire department idea would not only be creative but funny as hell too

Your pretty much hosed for the summer. I had the same problem so I went out and got a cheap water truck I fixed up.

Go buy a 55 gallon drum and gradually fill it up so you dont run your well dry, then just water the parts of the track that make the most dust, like turns/landings. This is what I did but i dont have a well so i gan just fill it up whenever and go water it.

EDIT : I put mine in a little trailer we have and pull it with our lawn tractor.

Adding clay and wood chips do help with getting the ground to hold more moisture. It requires tilling it in really well and the results you get will improve over time as the wood chips break down. As far as the watering goes, sorry but it's a necessary evil. A couple of ideas to help would be, first, to see about the possibility of having a seperate well dug just for watering the track. Another, is more along the lines of getting more out of the water you already use at the home. If it is possible to route the waste water from your sink, shower and washing machine into a holding tank, you could use it as a source of water to wet down the track. My former dad-in-law did this to water his very large garden. It really worked well.

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