07 backfire screen

Have you guys been removing your backfire screens from the airbox??

Does it make any difference? I was thinking of doing this, but dont want to burn my bike up :thumbsup: to get 1/10 of a hp?

Also while your reading this i am considering a new fmf muffler, mxa says the fmf speed muffler is a great way to smotth out some bottom end and add a little to the top, and its only $299!! is this the best way to get a little more out of the motor w/o sacrificing reliability?

get hot cams stage one...will do more or at least as much as an exhuast system...and with the backfire screen...if you remove it you wont feel a thing ...honestly just leave it in cause if fabric oil happens to make its way down the boot your filter can catch on fire if the bike backfires

yeah i was a little skeptical about removing it, i really dont want any internal mods done to my bike. it seems like something always goes wrong when you start swapping out cams and pistons and that stuff. if i can get by with a $300 exhaust and gain some power w/o tearing apart the motor im all for it

yehhh or you could burn a forest down or catch a feild on fire without the sparkscreen. but your choise

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