Crf250 ?

You could do much better.

your high! at $1000 thats a steal for the all the mods it has. id jump all over it.

i meant crf50

i found a really nice one but the guy wont ship and it really far from me

My first instinct was to infract you because this looks like a forsale ad and not a "should I buy this" question.

Next time take the time to clarify what youre asking...

yeah the one for a grand i talked to the guy and he said( this is the email)

at first i said" Its not a crf because it has xr graphics. I showed this to a couple of my friends and they also said thats a litte high. "

and this is his response

"no, it IS a crf, the title says so, the frame says so. i changed the plastics to xr ones because A. there not as wide as crf shrouds so i can grasp down more on the tank

B. they are less suspectible to breaking due to the back fender and numberplates are a one piece design so they are stonger if for some reason i were to crash, they wont crack like the flimsy piece of shit back fenders on the crf

C. i just liked how they look better than crf ones do- personal preference

just for your fyi i have the crf ones as well that go w/ the bike like i said all stock parts go w/ the bike

your buddies obviously dont know the prices of half the shit thats going w/ the bike the hand brake alone was over $100 from 50 stunt, same w/ the borekit, cam, tank cover was 60, sdg seat 100, etc.

like i said man take it or leave it its a steal of a deal but dont try to low ball me $1000 firm"

Although the guy came across sounding like a moron, you didnt sound that great either...Its on criagslist so hes prolly getting a bunch of emails from people saying the same thing and is annoyed...But anyways its a good deal, id grab it. Price that stuff out seperate and see what it costs...

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