Air filter q?

I just started running no-toil pre oiled filters in my 07kx250f. I have always used ready filters and been happy with them. But when i went to order a few new ones motosport was out. These no toils seem to be made of a better foam and i was wondering what everyone else thought about them, how they hold up and the quality of the oil they use?

I've been using no-toil for a while now and I think they're great. The no-toil oil is great also and it is very easy to clean with the cleaner. :thumbsup:

+1 for allll that :thumbsup: i use both, ready filters and the no toil pre-oiled. i love the no toils. they dont give u cheap oil like ud think they do!

yeah i used no-toil's cleaner kit and it was the easiest and cleanist filter i have have ever cleaned, i think they are much better than the ready filters, even though the ready's are a good product

The No toil fast 3 filters are warranted for 6 months and have the same high quality glue and foam as the regular no toil filter...

On the other hand the ready filters are a through away item, use once, when dirty chuck and put on a new one... No where near the same quality... I have used one of them once and will not use another... The first time I tried to wash it it soap and water very carefully, the seams were starting to come apart...

Use a good quality filter, your engine is expen$ive.

I use Twin Air filters in the 06 cr250 but in the 91' i run the ready filter and i have always used kerosene to clean my filters. the Twin Air's( i have two) have atleast two kerosene washs on them and still look brand new.But the ready filters have three wash's and need trashing(on the ready filter you can tell they are wearing out when you can see the pink inner part of the filter through the yellow outer foam when looking at the filter from a distance, maybe 2-5 yards away).

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