1983 xr200r idle problems

my xr200r has an idling problem. i adjusted the pilot screw per service manual specs ( 2.5 turns out from slightly seated). the thing i cant find in the manual and am confused about is choke and idle relationship.

1. when i cold start the bike, is the black chock lever supposed to be in the highest setting, aka all the way up? or all the way down?

- Problem is sometimes it will start with it all the way up but when i switch it to the other settings it will die. and sometimes it will start on the other setting and die if i put it on some other setting.

2. it idles really high, and cant seem to fine tune with the idle speed screw. it will change the idle but it wont be consistant. right now it idles so high that if i just let it coast in gear, it will over power the rear brake.

3. usually after i get it started, it will start popping (backfiring?) when i start to rev it




Look for an air leak...while its running spray WD-40 around the intake, paying particular attention to the gasket/seal areas at the ends. A change in speed indicates a leak and new O rings would be called for. Sometimes a leak develops in the intake itself. This can be cured with RTV.

BTW, choke lever UP= choke ON.

Thanks, but i already finished pulling the carb and cleaning it. i guess that fixed the problem.

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