Help me please

hey guys i am currently redoing my yz426...i got my new plastics and number plates on lastnight, and i need someone to photoshop it with my rims red, and then black going to get them powdercoated at the end of the week, and just dont know what color yet. I am also gonna get me some custom tank graphix and seat cover too...thanks newbike001.jpg

I don't know how to do photo shop but I would go with red or blue. Black is so common anymore no one thinks twice about it.

I dont know how to photoshop either but that is a good looking bike

Get them anodized not powdercoated! Powdercoat will chip away in no time

Where did you find those graphics? Thats one of the best looking 426's ive seen.

the graphics were on it when i bought it...i am gonna be taking them off next week and be puttin some custom ones on...and where can i get them anadized at???????

can anyone photoshop that pic with red rims...and where can i get them anadized?

k i sent my rims off to be colored red...would u guys do anything with the hubs or just leave them the grayish color the way they are?

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