07 YZ250F Springs for 180 pound rider

Will I need to change my springs for my weight or am i good to go? I have a nice sponsorship with FCR but if I don't have to spend the money then I wont'

I think you should be fine with the stock springs. Setup the sag and if you can get the measurements right, then you should be ok.

I think the stock springs are rated for 170-190lbs rider in gear.

Check out www.mb1suspension.com

They have some setup tips and a phone number you can contact someone and talk to. If you can get the race sag to 100mm and the free sag is 25-35mm, then they say the springs are just right for your weight. Check it out.

If they tell you to order new springs you can get a set of front and rear for your weight for $260.00 total.

I believe the stock 250F springs are for 145-165lb riders.

If you're doing MX, stiffer springs are probably in order. For offroad racing, you might be OK. Go ride the bike and see how it feels.

The yzf comes with softer spring front and rear for 07 but i think you should still be ok-at 180lb i bet you get good sag numbers.

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