$10 filters

I need to clean/oil my air filter and i ran out of oil and cleaner. I thought to get some of those preoiled ready filters for 10 bux instead of buying the chemicals and cleaning it. the price evens out and its a lot easier. Are the $10 filters good or are they onetime use cheapy filters:excuseme:

Plus they come with a sticker:smirk:

they are great filters, im running a ready filter, and have cleaned it about 4 times and it is holding up better than the UNI i used to have

I like the ready filters. They need a little extra oil if you are riding in dust and that also helps them regain their shape out of the package.

I hate cleaning filters so I throw them away after they get very dirty.

i never have airfiliter oil at my house so i have like 5 backup readyfilters. they're great. price does even out in the end..

thanks for the info guys, im gonna go pick up a few:thumbsup:

i use them and they are great. For 10 bucks its a real good deal. Plus i hate cleanin filters so after every 2-3 rides i will throw a new one im good to go :thumbsup:

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