high clearance enclosed cargo trailer

I'm trying to get away from using my 3 rail trailer. It will go just about anywhere, but I always end up in some distant place with no security or protection. I can't even take a little day hike without worrying. I also seem to end up needing to go over a couple of high clearance obstacles to get to a good camp or negotiate trailhead parking, which it does with ease. The covered cargo trailers I have seen (and there are alot to chose from) don't have decent ground clearance; they're pretty low slung.

I have seen some winter sports trailers that have high clearance, to the point where the wheels are under the trailer instead of in side fenders. This kind of trailer would be ideal except I can only find them in 9' wide and they are often 15' long or longer. What I need is something around 6' wide and up to 10' long. Anyone know who makes one? Any ideas?


Have it special built. Doesnt cost extra, just a little wait. Tell them you dont want the drop axles, give them the length, width and heigth you want.

no, get the drop axle then flip it 2" drop become 2" lift a 4" swing

I'm a little reluctant to buy a trailer and start flipping axles around, lol. I will indeed consider the custom idea. I was wondering if the reason why the winter sports trailers are so wide (9') is that they are pretty tall when the wheels are underneath and need the width for stability?

I've seen some small high clearance camping trailers around too. I would think hunters and 4 wheelers are using those.

I expected a high(er) clearance cargo trailer to be easier to come by off the shelf.

They're wide to fit snowmobiles inside

Look at a leaf spring trailer vs a tortion axle trailer. The leaf spring trailers are higher up than the Tortion axle trailer.

the 9' trailers are that wide to accomidate side x side loading of snowmobiles and 4 wheelers. The other benifiet though is that you can load a bike completely sideways with room to spare. You also get great ground clearance and since they are designed for snowmobiles, the are a V nose and you can off-load from the front as well. This also help to "break the wind" :thumbsup: which help the fuel milage on your tow vehicle.

Although the trailer sits higher, I havn't noticed any more sway than on my regular height trailer. You can also custom order as said earlier, and the only difference is the wait time - in fact, you can trim off some of the options and maybe even get it cheaper than what youve seen at the lots.

How much clearance do you need? My 6x10 V-nose (extra 18") has drop axles so it's close to the ground, but has 6' interior height, which is perfect for us. Much higher and the wind load will get worse towing :thumbsup:

I need better than average ground clearance; nothing extreme. The interior height would be fine at 5.5'.

I have a used enclosed (bought from friend getting out of riding)I replaced my 3-rail with and it goes off-road pretty good. I checked dimensions and it is a General Cargo LT 5'X8' 5.5' ht. lowest part is where rail connects to box at 14.5" and maybe an inch or less for bottom of axle. I has 15" wheels and has been good so far. Can hold 2 bikes and gear. Don't know if they make a 10 ft model.

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