filing foot pegs?

i want to file my pegs so i can get more control for learning to whip e.t.c. does anyone use a file to sharpen the teeth on their pegs?

i did on my bike. they didnt stay very sharp, and i could see the teeth getting smaller if you were to sharpen them too much

anyone have any luck with some of the aftermarket pegs?

I just ordered a set of Pro-Circuit pegs for my bike, should be in Thursday, next day air. My friend has them, and that's the reason why I spend the $ to get a set. It's such a difference that I didn't even want to ride my bike the rest of the day.

ive got the exra wide ones and there great!

I have done it twice to the pegs on my XR with success.

use a dremell tool and get a few of the smaller grinding bits :thumbsup: they work wonders! put the frame side of the peg and grind away to your liking.I wouldnt waste the money on pc pegs, buy IMS pegs if your gonna buy new ones. but id wait since your going to be whipping the bike and might crash. you dont wanna bend up a new set of pegs. you can also find stock pegs on ebay if you want a spare set to try it out on first. p.s. a file will take way too long!

Has anyone ever used power pegs(the ones that rock back and forth)? i have a sponsorship with them and i figured, what the heck. after riding with the power pegs i didnt want to ride with regular pegs again. just wondering if anyone else has used them and i dont just like them since i got a deal

I weld the tips up with stainless steel rod and grind them to a chisel shaped edge. They last for a long time but watch your knee when you are loading the bike.

I've filed mine before. The sharp edge helps when its muddy.

I wouldnt waste the money on pc pegs, buy IMS pegs if your gonna buy new ones. !

IMS' just aren't wide enough. How do you waste $ on PC's? My friend has 100+ hrs. on his and has had no problems.

+1 on IMS Pro Series Pegs! They are just 1/8'' wider then the stock 06 yami pegs, but they sure are sharper and I really like them.

i've ridden a bike with "Fastway?" pegs before and i loved em!

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