1984 XR80 Oil Flow/Oil Pump

Hey all,

Looking for some technical advice,

I have the above mentioned bike and I don't seem to be getting any oil flow, checked this by starting bike and removing the oil flow check bolt that's located by the spark plug, nothing comes out, the book I am reading makes it sound like you should get some flow with out completely removing the bolt, I get nothing, even tried removing the valve cover and starting the engine to see what splashed around, very little, I would have expected this to make a mess.

I have taken the oil pump out and it looks visually looks good,

Could an oil pump, even though it looks good not pump oil? What other issues could cause this? I was thinking maybe a blocked oil passage but I don't know where to start looking especially since most are internal,

Thanks for anything,


You or anyone had the clutch cover off? There's a spring loaded dohickey in the end of the crank that transfers oil from the crank into the clutch cover on its way to the head. Is it there?

KLXD - - good call. Yeah check that.Have you had the topend off recently??? there's a little hole under the cylinder that gets plugged either by a bad gasket or gaska-cynch or something. You can pull the clutch cover off and check the pump. As long as it spins it pretty much shoots oil. But there could be a broken pump cover or gear. Either way it should be fairly obvious to tell.

I had the pump out and it looked good, spun freely, no scoring or scratches, I thought it looked good, therefore I had the clutch cover off

I am guessing I will have to pull this clutch cover again to see if this spring loaded dohickey is there, I am having a hard time visualizing the insides, will it be fairly obvious this spring dohickey?

Would anyone have a picture of this? Send to jeff.demmer at gmailcom

I have just replaced the piston rings and put all new gaskets in so I am hoping it's not a blocked little hole making me tear apart the engine again,

Hope this spring is missing,



Well still no oil flow,

The spring loaded thingy is there,

I have had the top end off and replaced the gasket so I wouldn't expect a bad gasket,

Does anyone have an oil flow diagram?? I have to start checking oil passages and don't really know where they would all be and where they would flow too.

What is the best way to check oil passages? Compressed air?



I would shoot compressed air through the pin hole in the case and the clutch cover hole and see what happens. Usually though, I always found it was something covering the hole under the cylinder.

I have heard of gaskets between the case and the cylinder that did not have the oil hole in them. It also could be clogged. The oil flow is at a fairly low pressure.

Yea, some have it punched, but some never got completely punched out and you have to poke it out yourself. If that makes sense. I've seen that a bunch.

Well I guess the next thing to do is to pull the head off again, see what I can see.

This little hole everyone is talking about, is this in the head gasket? or in the gasket that goes between the cylinder and the transmission?

Now if I pull this head off again should I replace the head gasket even though it's only been installed for a short test ride??



Cylinder base. You should get a new head gasket, but...

The hole in the gasket is on the one between the case and cylinder assemblies. Always replace gaskets when you have the motor apart. The hole you are looking for is on the bottom right side of the cylinder assembly. It a liitle bigger than the diameter of a coat hanger. Once the oil gets to the top of the cylinder assembly it flows in towards the cylinder studs up to the head.

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