Fred Bud's???

I had heard people talk about a practice track in the Chicagoland area and they referred to it as Fred Bud's. From what I gathered, it was a really sandy track (great to get you in shape) and pretty much can be ridden year around because of that. Any info on this place would be great - website, phone number, location, hours of operation, about the track ...........


the track's in kankakee. I don't think it really has a website or anything. They call it fred bud because the owner's name's fred. I don't have his phone number but yeah the track is ridable most of the year due to the sandy terrain. not a lot of big jumps, mostly just big sand rollers and big corners

It's on the outskirts of Hopkins Park (not a very nice town) on the north side of Gamble Rd/3250S., west of Main St./2/13000 and east of 12000, big orange gate with a few moto stickers on it. 100% sand track/trails, good for riding in the winter or after lots of rain. The owner is Fred Nette. I have two phone numbers for him, but they are from several years back, Fred's home and work. If you want them, let me know, and I will send them in a PM. Lots know it as "Fred Bud", but I think the real track name is "Moto Crazy".

And if you're there when Nette is out riding, you're in for a real treat. The dude flat HAULS.

Fred positively hauls the mail. I remember watching him at Joliet on a completely clapped out yz125. Nobody else was going close to as fast as him.

I've been there once, but didn't ride much due to a coolant leak. I think there are a few guys in on that place, the guy I was there with was an old school dirttracker named Terry Starks I think?

Fred was #4 at Lorettas 2 years ago in the over 40 class. His track certainly kicks your butt, although it's best to ride it after a big rain.

Terry Starks used to own a Suzuki shop down the street from me and my brother bought what would become my first bike a 1982 SP125 very sexy

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