Which 400 lowers the easiest for 5'3" girl?

I am searching for a bike for my wife for use as a long distance dual-sport workhorse.

We'll be taking a very long trip that will cover many, many miles of gravel, some sand and blacktop. For this reason she'll need at least a 400 class thumper. I am leaning toward a DRZ 400 or DR650, although I am not hung up on Suzuki. I need recommendations on which bike to purchase that can be lowered 4-5"! Remember, the bike will not see any single-track or motoX. I would think that the bike should be set up like a super moto bike suspension-wise. Real off-road ability is not that important.

All thoughts are appreciated

PS: I'll be using a KLR 650 as my cruiser of choice for this trip.

im no suspension expert but if you need 4-5 inches taken off..., i dont think it matters what bike you do it to because some pretty heavy moding will be needed in any case. just for your information the drz400 has one of the highest seat heights in the dual sport world, even the dr650 is lower than the drz

I have a DR 650 and with the Suzuki gel seat and the optional bolt on the shock mount, the seat height drops a little over 3 inches. There is additional adjustment with the rear shock preload also. The front can be dropped by removing the spacers in the springs and sliding the fork tubes. This, plus some thick sole shoes should get you close to what you are looking for.


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