WR Still tops in my mind!!!!!

This past weekend I rode with a couple of buddies with new two smokes. A 01 CR 250 and 00 RM 250. We rode Ocotillo Wells with lots of sand and rock. Both ran out of fuel in the first 45 minutes and I still had 2/3rds of a tank. They ran out again and I still have 1/2 tank! Four strokes rule! On the tighter, sandy up-hills, the WR's tractor power made life easily while they struggled with power on, off, on, off (you get the picture). After 4 hours, they were tired and I was just fine. I recently installed the IMS tank/seat and an FMF MegaMax pipe. I've fallen in love with my 99 WR again and couldn't be happier! 'Cuz four strokes rule and two smokes druel!

Right on Bryan!

People ask me a lot, What bike are you going to get next time you buy a new one? I just scratch my head and say, "I dunno. Theres really not another bike out there I want"


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F


Totally agree!

I was wavering on the border, until I rebuilt my suspension. Talk about taking 30 pounds off the bikes feel!!

THEN I rejetted using James/Clarks EK* needles suggestion - WHOA! A whole new bike now.

It was $$ to get here, but I bleed blue now! Nothing else comes close!


'00 WR, YZ modified and MX-Tech suspension;now if I could just ride it.

Hey Bryan:

Good to hear your back in the saddle again!! I too love the blue bike, I just don't get enough time to ride it.......

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