What a weekend!!!

So went out camping and riding for 6 days in the foothills (alberta), great weather lots of drinks and endless trails.

had a really good ride the first day but when we got back to camp my rmz450wasn't running real smooth so i pulled the oil plug and the oil was like thick milk. We crossed a lot of water holes and creeks throughout the day but never stalled it and didn't go too deep so not sure why the water is getting in my engine. Second time this has happend.:thumbsup:

Changes oil twice right away and bike ran really good.

Rode a full second day no problems, a ton of fun.

On the third day about 25miles from camp the bike wont start then after a few kicks wont crank over, locked up.:thumbsup:

We pull the tank off check the plug its good no sign of metal. Oil looks good too, try cranking over but nothing, decide to pull the valve cover and have a look cause there is no way to get this bike outta the bush from where it is.

Turn out the cam chain skiped on th exhaust valves and the timing is fubar.

Took off the tensioner and reset the timing and tighned the chain back up also checking the timing marks on the flywheel. put her back toghether and first kick she fires up and runs like a top. It actually seems to be smoother than before.

Rode the bike another 30miles that day no problems, and the next two days.

thank god for tools in my camel pack.

I checked my tension not than long ago so i guess i need a new chain.

Only question i have is that the bike seems to have way more compression now than before the chain skipped (harder to kick over), and is a little harder to start.

Does this make sense is there something not right or is it better now and was out before the failure?

Thanks, 2rev

You might have the pins spaced off a little bit.I adjusted my valve clearence and had the pins off by one and it had alot of compression and very hard to start .As soon as I made the correct adjustment it went back to normal.

Check the manual under valve adjustment and it explains it pretty clear. On a 06 450 at top dead center on the comp . stroke

the timing marks on the cam shaft gears should be at the top and the timing chain should have exactly 15 pins from mark to mark.


sound like a great place. i had the same pronblem. the chain was so loose. i was riding with some friends and i came to a stop. couldent fire it up. i was pissed 45mi into no ware. got my bike timed right now whee i kick start it it doest feel right. could it be that i was on the wrong timing line for tdc.? i will try to time it to the second line this week and see if there is a dif. also do you ride tight woods sometimes i do and i have so many problems choosing a gear for the area i am in. i like the 49 but as soon as i get into wide open spots forget it red rules. and when i put on a 46 i am frying the clutch. i thing i will put on a 9oz fly wheel . i will keep ya posted

thanks for the info didn't see the pin count in my manual.

It runs fine but sometime i can barely kick it over.

I pretty much ride woods all the time and have a dropped a tooth on the front and 47 rear. Had a 14/51 before but couldn't run the chain guide so went the 13/47 route.

Don't have alot of top speed but don't need it very often.

I'm still not sure why i'm getting water in the engine any tips on water proofing?

The other bikes with me had no troubles and went through as much or more water than me.

I had to seal my air box with silicone where it bolts together on the carb. side Before I did that every time I changed my air filter I had a thin film of dust lining the inside of the air box.I am always very careful to grease the filter and put it in properly.the silicone did the job perfect.

What year is your bike?

Its an 06.

I'm thinking it has to be after the filter cause the oil filter had some dirt/ debris in it from the swampy water we crossed, and i don't think the filter would let this through.


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