2008 Drz 125

has any1 checked these out yet? they got a makeover!!!!!!:thumbsup:


its under playbikes

By makeover you mean new plastics?

The got newer side panels and different style graphics, and thats about it

they also got new front fenders

cool new plastics...now i want to buy them...:thumbsup: they look a lot like the rmz's.

cool new plastics...now i want to buy them...:thumbsup: they look a lot like the rmz's.

i know what you mean, they look sooo mcuh better now

Yeah.. but why oh WHY don't they use inverted Showa forks and a matching swingarm??? At least on the L model.. ?????

But the plastic and seat change does look nice.

By calling it a Play-Bike.. the implication (to me) is that a grown individual, who would otherwise fit on a 250/450, is riding it... They can keep the less expensive version in the lineup... just give us something to work with chassis-wise...:thumbsup:

still ugly

still ugly

2007 looks better.:thumbsup:

any one know if all the plastic will bolt on to an 05 klx 125? I think the fenders are a big improvment looks wise-side panels are pretty sharp also-I think the black fenders would look pretty sweet on the kawi!

Wow guys, how many more horsepower and suspension travel do you guys think that is going to add to the bike! My guess is like 10 more horsepower and 5 more inches of travel. Those graphics are going to make this bike soooo freaking fast man!:thumbsup:

this thread is a joke, right?

the only thing that can be upgraded is a different color powerband, the green ones yield +10hp

j/k lol

they need to change the forks to upside down forks and rear drum brake to disk brake and add an extra 25cc for me to even think of buying 1, or just make an RMZ150 to be exact or KX150F :thumbsup: lol just to be stupid, id love if they have a rad aliminium frame and straighter header pipe and had a tall seat foam and came standard with ProTaper or Renthal bars and had..... (list go's on..) but then youd be looking at like $6500 aust. hahahaha. dream dream....

anyone know if Kawasaki is goin o be makeing a 2008 KLX125L? will it be any differant?

kawasaki stopped producing the KLX 125 in 2006, but you can still get a 2008 DRZ 125

the kawasakis were never really kawi's they were suzukis with yellow plastics

er...or green plastics maybe?

lol diferrent colour tank, yeah your right zook, i have a lkx and it has DRZ125L written on the frame and with niko on the engine, but i rubbed the niko off

er...or green plastics maybe?

dee de dee...duh...after 5 concusions my brain is :thumbsup:

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