Standing while riding DRZ400S off-road

I recently bought my first bike, a 2002 DRZ400S. Although I have ridden before it has just been playing around on friends bikes and have never even thought about technique. Now that I am riding more I would like to improve my technique.

From what I have been reading it is often better to stand. The last couple of times I went out I tried the techniques I read here and it felt completely akward. It is so much easier just to sit. I read somewhere that riding while standing on the DRZ400 could be uncomfortable. Is that contributing to the problem or is just that I need more practice.

When I am standing everything seems more difficult, shifting is tough and I constantly feel like I am either going to go over the handlebars or off the back. I don't mind practicing until I get it right, I just wonder if I am doing something wrong or if I need to set the bike up a little differently. Any tips on posture or any other help would be really appreciated.

I tend to stand when I'm doing any type of jumping (a must) or going over rocky/bumpy terrain. It always felt natural to me but if it doesn't to you I would practice. Lean a little forward when you stand.

Standing is way better off road in tricky or tough terrain for ballance/ reaction to uneaven surface, its good to sit and rest your limbs when you can! You can adjust your bars to a comfortable hieght with risers or forward or back, get comfortable thats the main thing then all you have to think about is what you are riding on.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Congrats on your bike. You'll wish you had got it sooner.

I think it's all about comfort. I sit for the most part but her in the northeast it's trails of rocks, mud and fallen trees. I stand for the rough and sit for the easy stuff. Just dont be so planted in the seat that you can't shift your weight from one side to the other to help manuver the bike on or off road.

For myself standing serves two puposes, resting your a$$ and lightening up the front wheel for rough terain. (standing with a little back lean)

Just ride and see what's comfortable for you.

I'm still getting used to standing. It's hard. But of course, as the other guys have pointed out, there are terrains where you HAVE to stand.

Getting the right bar height was a must. It took me a few tries and resorting to a ridiculously tall ATV bend. Also, realizing that I had to be way forward when standing. And then there is the conditioning.

Like everything else with riding, I'm hoping that with practice, practice, practice, it'll get more comfortable.

standing can be very comfortable and very good for balance and manuvering. I stand about half of the timed if not more especially when riding tough terrain. The height of the bars greatly helped me.

You'll get the most from your bike off road if you get comfortable standing. You have much more control,and are more prepared for unseen obstacles.

Watch any off road racer and see how little time is spent on the seat.

In the sand or on tight,rocky trails,it's the best way to go. If your bars and controls are set up properly,you might even like it better than sitting.

When standing, you need to grab the bike with your knees where the shrouds hit the tank. This gives alot more stability to the bike. You should have your knees bent, back arched (slightly),elbows up, & your goggles should be over your handlebar (this sounds really far forward, but it works).

You should get an instructional video like Shane Watts video "Wattsy" or something.

I also stand when I have monkey butt or am looking for a parking place! :thumbsup:

The standing and speed will come with time. I'm a beginning offroad rider myself, and the most important thing I've found to learn is looking ahead/where you want to go. You can get into trouble really quick in the woods if you like to stare at your front wheel and fixate on things too long.

Stare at that tree = you're going to hit it. Don't look thru your curves = you're going to overun them.

I'm still not all that great at standing while I'm going around blind curves, so I sit.

I've only started riding bikes recently - the leaning forward tip is good - it felt clumsy to me at first, but leaning forward and gripping the sides of the seat with your knees helps


If you have the stock bars that may be part of the problem. I find them to low for standing.

I also stand when I have monkey butt or am looking for a parking place! :thumbsup:
Yeah right! The only time you stand is when you're off the bike. :thumbsup:

OK so it sounds like I need more practice and possibly a change to the bars. I am 5'11" and have a stock set-up. Should I try some spacers first and if that doesn't do it look into different bars? How do I decide what is the right set-up for me?

Thanks for all the help, you guys are great.

the bike will handle much better off road if you stand, you lower the bikes center of gravity by putting your weight on the pegs rather than the seat. i sit while taking sharper turns but any other time im on my feet.

play with it awhile, try shifting your weight from foot to foot and feel what the bike does, also you wont feel the head shaky back n forth movement at high speed as much.:thumbsup:

I learned to ride when i was younger on a trials for me standing is second nature, you will soon realize that when standing you have much more control of the machine

Go to the Offroad Riding forum (Dwight Rudder, moderator) here on TT and you will find lots of info on how to stand. Let me warn you--the offroad guys believe in standing as much as the DRZ guys believe in jetting. Standing is not done for reasons of comfort but for control. If you learn to stand you will become a better offroad rider than if you sit. No doubt about it! :thumbsup:

Standing does not always mean standing erect--it means having your weight on the pegs and your butt off the seat. When you ride standing you can control the bike better with your feet and your weight, allowing your bike to move under you as your body moves in a steadier trajectory. Balance is everything in the dirt and standing is the prerequisite. :thumbsup:

Yes sometimes even "standing" one or two inches off the seat make a nice difference. Your body is the best suspension system "up-grade" your bike can have (unless you have bad knees etc and MUST sit...) I know an older guy who can not get up off the seat when riding...he just slows down and seems to have a wonderful time

If you get bars and/or bar risers that make it comfortable to stand, they will most likely be very comfortable when you sit also. Helps with shoulder pain.

When standing, you need to grab the bike with your knees where the shrouds hit the tank.

This is also necessary to keep from flipping over the bars when you let off the throttle and that 400cc thumper torque drops anchor. I grew up riding small displacement bikes off-road, and it's second nature to stand when riding rough terrain...but the first time I did it on the DRZ it almost sent me over the front wheel when I chopped the throttle!

I just put on some bars on my stock 06 s, it was a wonderful change! Just go pick some that feel comfortable and go for it. Also, if you havent yet, and you are ok with it, get rid of the kickstand cut off switch! If you dont and you stand and ride hard over whoops, the kickstand will partially come down and stall the motor momentarily (a real scary situation). Congrats on your new bike. What part of California are you in?:thumbsup:

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