How much is an 04 CRF450 worth?

I'm in Seattle looking to sell my 04 CRF450. Anyone have an idea what it is worth to sell to a private party?


i just picked one up with tons of aftermarket for $3400.. but the going price around here for an 04 is more like $400 if your lucky.. lots depends on the shape and extra's with the bikes..

i got rekluse auto-clutch, dr.d exhaust, scott dampner, dpr triple clamp.kick stand ,and alot more..the after market stuff added up close to the price i got the bike for but i got a great deal from a guy leaving the island..

so expect around $4000 over there with lottsa upgrades im thinking since they are a little cheaper mainland bro and i luv the bike after 1 ride :thumbsup:

hope your getting a new one ...

I can't get 3600 for my 05... :thumbsup:

I just picked up a super clean 05 for $2800 and I've seen some other 05's around here, MN, go for $3100.

wow thats cheap, but like i said they aer alot cheaper compared to hawaii with shipping costs and the lack of bikes..

Alot depends what part of the country you are in. Big city lots of bike mean lower resale. Smaller town less bike higher resale. Good luck:thumbsup:

Got $3500 for my bone stock '04.

It did sit in my garage for 11 months because of a little pelvis fracture.

Good luck .


$3k for a stock CRF450 in good shape 13 months ago here in MN. I looked a while and got a good deal. Most '04's around here are going for less than $3k now unless they are totally loaded.

I have had better luck selling outside of the mx community. Try craigslist, those convienence store magazines, etc. Actually the last time I sold a bike I sold it to a guy that saw it at our garage sale!

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