New KLX250S Dual Sport

I am thinking about getting one of these to ride back and forth to work(only a couple miles) and for trail riding. I had an 01' TTR225 and sold it after a few years just kinda got used to the power and wanted more. Now I have a 02' Cannondale X440S and I'm just not sure how much I wanna trust it in the woods and to be quite honest it's a BEAST and I don't know how well I could handle it in the woods. I just wanna know would I be happy with the power of one of these or should I look to buy something else.

Hey, I bought the bike back in November of 05 before the dealer even had one in. With a few mods the bike is awesome. And keep in mind I am a big dude. 6-1 260 and it is fast. I think you might find more great information over here, we have been there from the bikes begining.




I've had it for about a year and after I transferred to South Carolina from Hawaii I have been able to enjoy it even more. I have a trip or two planned for the summer that should prove to be quite entertaining. One thing I have noticed from many people is that they wish it had more power. I did not buy mine to become the next big name in Supercross, I bought mine to enjoy the ride to the trails and the backwoods exploration. The one thing I would change is the size of the fuel tank for more range but otherwise, its great!


If you are only riding a few miles each way to work and want something with good power in the woods, take a look at the Husqvarna TE250, about double the power of the klx250s. (and it costs a lot more :thumbsup: )

I rode both bikes, and really liked the klx250s, but when I test drove a Husqvarna TE250, I decided on the Husky. The Husky is about 20lb lighter than the klx, so it really depends on what you're after.

I'd give the Husky a :thumbsup: if you want a more performance oriented bike. Otherwise, the KLX will get you there and is good in the woods. If you want a fast bike though, you will be continually flogging it and your valvelife will not be great.

I have a 2007 KLX250S and have had no problems what so ever. It has a Two Brothers exhaust and will have a new chain and 48 tooth rear sprocket next week. The dealer serviced it at 700 miles and rejetted the carb and removed all of the smog equipment (m/c's not tested in AZ). I average about 70MPG on the street and about 40-50 while trail riding. It is a good machine, enjoy it.:thumbsup:

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