Anybody titled a GA dirt bike in TN?

I recently bought a KDX 200 from an individual in GA. GA does not and can not issue a title for off road only bikes and TN will not register a bike without a title. I need to title the bike for insurance purposes and for peace of mind. I have no desire to make it street legal. Here is the problem, my local county clerk has no clue how to title a non-titled bike. They claim that all bikes after a certain year has to be titled regardless of the state even though I have spoken with the state of GA and they say this is not true in GA. TN is not offering any help. I have a signed and noterized bill of sale from the seller which is all you need in GA but TN still says no. One suggestion was to get a copy of the original copy of the MSO. The seller has no idea where the bike was originally sold from and several Kawasaki dealers say the bike can not be traced by a VIN to the original dealer. I have called and emailed TN but get no response. Has anyone faced this issue before? I know I can not be the first.

Contact the Georgia DMV and have them send you a letter on their letterhead stating that titling is not required for off road vehicles in their state. Tennessee should recognize this letter with your bill of sale and issue the appropriate paperwork for you.

There are a number of states that do not require titling for off road vehicles.


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