SSR B2 And Pitster Pro 125X

Where can i find the lowest prices?

And which is better?

Outlaw Powersports or SGR Racing to buy the SSR and the SSR B2 is by far the better bike.

Just go buy a B2, and dont worry about anything else.

A pitsterpro x2 are $1395. And personally I think pitster builds a better bike than SSR.

Pitster all the way!

wow it it good to see that there are dudes in pit biking that ride and like pitster all i read is dudes talkin shit on the pro i love it i go the 125x and i cant wreck it they flat out rock i just need more power thinking about nitrous kit. i run it on my sled, my avt, and my R.C.s and now my pitster

X is a good bike overall

way to dig up a dead thread

necro posting


X2 and B2 are both very good 50 base pitbike

we can offer them to you at a very competitive price



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