Low Cost Medical for Accidents Only?

I'm concerned about medical for me and my son in case of a motorcycle accident. My work no longer provides health insurance.

So I was talking to my motorcycle insurance company (Geico) today thinking about raising my medical premiums. Well it seems I can up the uninsured/underinsured premiums to cover my medical costs but if I'm in an accident that is my fault the most medical coverage I can get is 2000 dollars! Yikes!!...... that wouldnt even cover an ambulance ride!

Are all insurance companies this way? Do I have to buy actual health insurance to be covered?

Does anyone have a medical insurance that covers in case of an accident only? (I'm thinking I could get a high deductible and keep the premiums down)

Check out Combined. They cover me and my son racing or practicing.


I have been using progressive for three years now. 10K worth of accidental medical coverage for around 300 a year. The coverage is for me only, the bike itslef is not covered

In '05 i broke thow ribs and had 2800 in med bills, they paid 2600 of it and were quick with no hassel at all. i would recommend to anyone!

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