No more Yellow DRZ??

I must start by saying hello to the forum. I have not had the pleasure of using thumpertalk before (I didnt even know it exsisted until I spoke to a chap in a chatroom)

I have been a regular user of which has a supermoto section. This site has a whole DRZ section its great!!.....

I read the last post regarding the new 2008 DRZ. I can't beleive that Suzuki have ditched the Yellow SM!!!! What a sad day for suzuki....What is your views???

Have a nice day............UK-Supermoto Hooligan!!!

Blue is the fastest, in fact its so fast most of the color flew off and now it's white and blue.

Long live black and white.

and red if you are into that sort of thing.

Blue. Blue. Blue. Yellow is ok..........but not as nice as Blue.:thumbsup:

Guess yellow is the the production just kidding

On this ole earth, nothing good is gonna last forever.

E model is still yellow.only yellow.

E model is still yellow.only yellow.

Without an FCR.

Isn't that just an S without lights and turn signals?

no,its a E with S motor and carb.

well i guess that means yellow is worth more $:thumbsup:

yeah, yellow is a collectible now :thumbsup:

Thanks to TT got rid of the cowardly yellow and now blue...except tank. That will change soon.:thumbsup:

BTW, its faster now that its blue:busted:

Weren't the colors listed for US~spec. bikes? Seems like the UK, Japan, Canada, etc, get different color options than we do on the DRZ's, as it seems w/ most bikes.

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