Cool Private Indiana Pit Bike Track Photos

Very nice track!!!! And bikes.

Freakin awesome track! I'd love to have something like that in my back yard. California sucks since I have no yard what so ever.

Sweet track!

I don't know what this guy does for a living but it seems like all he does is work on the track and ride. He also has several Bobcat-style machines at his disposal. We should all be so lucky...

Proving once again there is more than corn in Indiana!!!

not really, nothing but farm in the background!! just kidding. sweet track, must be nice to have the land to build it.

Southern Indiana is pretty cool--I do a hare scrambles for minis down there in my woods and it's definitely not flatland!!! From just south of Indy to Michigan it's pretty much farm country, though.

Yeah, but it looks like here in 'bama---a big dust bowl!!

We Need Rain!!!

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